I’m an independent researcher with masters degrees in Literature, English and Museum and Heritage studies. In summer, I work as assistant curator at the Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus Hammarby in Uppsala. I also work on and off at Skokloster Castle ant the Royal Armoury. My research field is equestrian history, particularly early modern riding. I have studied the unpublished manuscripts of Johan Leven Ekelund (c. 1701-1775), who was Academy Equerry at Uppsala University. A well travelled man, he brought an international field of knowledge of riding and veterinary medicine to his Swedish students. In my latest project, I study everyday life in stables and riding houses during the long eighteenth century.

Publications in English

”Johan Leven Ekelund – Equerry, Traveller, Writer” i Traces of Transnational Relations in Eighteenth Century Europe, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis , Uppsala Studies in History of Ideas 47, Uppsala 2015.  Download!

”A Battle in the Margins – Academy Equerry Johan Leven Ekelund’s Manuscripts on Horsemanship”, workshop publication, Eighteenth Century Worlds, University of Liverpool. Forthcoming.